Bringing a Global Perspective to Campus (Part 2)

Skidmore College is committed to creating and supporting a diverse and inclusive community. Please share a personal experience from which you gained a greater understanding of the value of diversity OR describe what you are seeking in a diverse campus community. (700 characters)

By Sophia Barachi-Ehlrich

My mother is Romanian and has a heavy accent that I did not even notice until someone told me at the age of eleven. I have always yearned to be part of her culture. For years I begged my parents to to allow me to visit Romania to experience my heritage. The pleads were in vain until this past summer when they finally gave in. The moment I saw my grandfather’s sculptures majestically standing in a public park in Bucharest, I knew I belonged. I felt like I was revisiting a long-forgotten home. The change in language was even familiar, and by the end of my trip I slightly understood it. I was sad to leave, and though I am an American, there will always be a part of me across the Atlantic Ocean.

Sophia Barachi-Ehlrich is a graduate of The Ethical Culture Fieldston School and is currently a sophomore at Skidmore.

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