Engaging Extracurriculars, Part 2

jakobiBy Jakobi Jackson

I jump up and down to get pumped for the 500 meter freestyle. I give myself an inner pep talk. “Alright you’ve got to make it to the next Age Groups. You can do this!” My competitors’ looks of determination unnerve me. The whistle rouses me to action. “Take your mark…” “BEEP” “SPLASH.” We dive and I feel the power and agility of my practiced reflexes take control of me. I jet on top of the water. “Alright lap 15; kick it up a notch,” my inner coach tells me. Through swimming, l can express my raw emotions and empty my mind of baggage. “lap 20, I’m losing speed, faster!” I kick harder. My arms move like a propeller. I gasp for air every three strokes. “Last lap go all out,” I tell myself as I storm to the finish. My fingertips reach for the wall a moment before anyone else. I got first place! “Yes! I made the cut; I’m going to Age Groups” I say, panting for air. I endured the pain, pushed to my goal and will experience my first 13 and over Age Group Championship meet.

Jakobi Jackson is a graduate of Stamford High School and is currently a sophomore at American University.

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