Engaging Extracurriculars, Part 1

dexterBy Dexter Zimet

Twice a month the members of “pitch” sit in a quiet dark room during lunch. Every face assumes a blank stare for five minutes, as we sit in silence. “Pitch: often when one eats a sandwich the contents shift or even fall out causing a great amount of trouble. Solution: edible staples. They would effectively hold together any sandwich, while not disturbing the process of actually eating it”. Within a matter of seconds there are twenty voices stating one incredible idea after another. After order is brought, we continue, one at a time, to produce viable inventions that improve quality of life for a full hour. Every time our club meets I leave the room in complete awe. Throughout the rest of the day I can not refrain from sharing the best ideas of the day with others. The level of excitement that is achieved during these meetings unmatched, and I wish to continue innovating through college and for the rest of my life.

Dexter Zimet is a graduate of The Dalton School and is currently a sophomore at Johns Hopkins.

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