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1000 Characters on a Work Experience

DCF 1.0By Jarrett Atkins

Some people might not find managing the flow of golf carts exciting, but I do. The summer after my junior year, I began my first and current job as a cart attendant at a golf course. I ensure that there are enough clean carts for golfers to purchase while monitoring the build up of dirty carts.  My AP Statistics class should be required to work a shift here. My mind taps into the class as I try to make sure there are enough clean carts. This job hones problem solving skills. Pulling in a dead cart off the course without disrupting the flow of play forces me to think outside the box. Also, I interact with many types of people on the job, developing my conversational skills and tolerance of diverse views. I enjoy our conversations about the presidential debates. Obama despondency in the first debate excited Romney fans. I am not a big fan of Romney, but love hearing the diverse views, similar to the multi-dimensional concepts in AP Statistics.

Jarrett Atkins is now a freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill.