Who Is The Person You Dream Of Becoming?

Syracuse University: Who is the person you dream of becoming and how do you believe Syracuse University can help you achieve this?

by Tyler Mckenzie 

Michael Vick walks into my office. A few minutes later, an animal rights activist enters. I bring the two of them together and convince them both to work together for the cause of safety to animals. My education at Syracuse will give me the tools to produce that dream. I want to become a sports agent and the solid program in business and the culture of sports at Syracuse will provide the tools for me to pursue my goals. Syracuse also has an overwhelming support for sports as evidenced by a great fan base that really shows enormous love for Syracuse athletics. Playing basketball at Syracuse is a goal of mine, which will also be great training for my long- term goals.  I also dream of becoming a more well rounded person intellectually and Syracuse has many opportunities to help me achieve this.

Tyler Mckenzie, a 2011 graduate of Half Hollow East High School, Dix Hills, New York, is a sophomore at Syracuse University.