Twin Views of George Washington University


by Brandon and Parris Lloyd

I am not dining at Le Diplomate on 14th Street in Washington DC or Dominique Bouchet on the Champs Elysees. I am 12 years old, sitting in Applebee’s. I begin speaking to myself–in French.  I translate as much of the menu as I can before my friends arrive.

It was Love at the First Class. I started studying French in Sixth Grade and it became my passion. Whenever I was alone, I spoke to myself in French. Eventually, thinking in French became second nature. French classes were not enough. I started listening to audio tapes. When I made my first trip to Paris at 14, my passion for the study of the language and culture grew even stronger.

At George Washington, I would hope to participate in GW’s Paris Business Studies Program. In fact, I am drawn to George Washington since it combines my love of French culture with my interest in business in a specific program. During my tour, I met students with passions for various languages and different cultures, which made me feel at home. I see the community itself at GW as interconnected and diverse. Having students in class from different parts of the globe will be an eye opening experience for me, allowing me to become more cosmopolitan in my thinking and academic approaches.

I am also attracted to GW largely because of the School of Business faculty. I am excited by the opportunity to take classes such as Global Focus, Business Law and Ethics, and Investment and Portfolio Management with such accomplished professors, including a senior economist for the World Bank to a business studies language expert in charge of the GW CIBER Business French module. My interests in French and business would lead me to seek the vast research opportunities for undergrads, which provide additional ways to learn from such a strong faculty.

My visit to the George Washington campus demonstrated many other appealing qualities. The location in Washington DC is ideal as it offers many opportunities, such as meeting with government officials through off-campus events or brown bag luncheons. My social interactions with students during my visit showed firsthand the qualities of students drawn to the energetic atmosphere and close-knit community. The students noted that student organizations and clubs play a significant role university life. I would become involved with the Civic House program, GW French Club, and the GW Finance and Investment club. These clubs would build on my high school extra-curricular activities. Currently, I am involved with the White Plains Youth Council, the White Plains Youth Court, and many other community service programs.

George Washington University– from the extra curricular offerings to the academics–is the ideal place. I have toured many schools with impressive programs. Yet when I consider what I want from a college education, George Washington is best suited to my interests.

 Brandon Lloyd, a graduate of White Plains High School, is currently a freshman at George Washington University along with his twin, Parris.

UntitledWhen I started my college search, I opposed looking at any urban campuses. I wanted to be surrounded by the ‘rolling greens’ seen in college movies. That changed when I visited George Washington in March, and my view of the ideal college was redefined by the historical sites in DC and the blending of cultures—political, urban and academic. I am drawn to GW for the model ways that the school immerses itself within the cultures of Washington DC.

At GW, I will get the best of both worlds: a city campus and a green campus as well. If DC life ever became too much, I could always go to the Mount Vernon Campus, where I can imagine my lungs consuming the scent of freshly-cut grass as I walk. On another day, I see myself eagerly racing to Cross-Cultural Psychology or Developmental Psychopathology. Afterwards, I go to a Class Council meeting to put the finishing touches on plans for an upcoming fundraiser. Then I go to my Women’s Leadership program meeting to explore ways to grab our peers’ attention to the issues important to our organization. At the end of my day, I’ll be exhausted, but fulfilled, knowing I’m taking advantage of what GW has to offer academically, residentially, and extracurricularly.

GW provides a plethora of opportunities for me as a psychology major. I was excited to find a research requirement, and opportunities to be part of cutting-edge research even as a student. By making research a requirement, the school demonstrates its devotion to making sure students are proactive in their fields.

The connections that GW has made with surrounding embassies and corporations make for internship opportunities I haven’t seen at other schools, which will allow me to be even more proactive in my field. I am excited by the fact that GW offers internships for any focus, which will allow me to start building work experience as early as freshman year. While visiting, I met a student interning with the American Psychological Association. He said GW helped him find the internship.

Diversity is important to me, and I want to go to a school where diversity isn’t just black and white—where the culture of the university is influenced by many ethnicities. GW does more than accepting students of different backgrounds; it encourages those students to share their culture with others. Beyond its worldwide connections, GW is a global community because of the various multicultural clubs, groups, and activities that thrive on campus.

I am drawn to GW for its academics, opportunities, and location in our nation’s capital. What really sold me was my overnight experience. I met so many students who love the GW community and fully embrace the friends they have made. Observing the GW students made a lasting impression on me.

 Parris Lloyd, a graduate of Ursuline High School in New Rochelle, is a freshman at George Washington University along with her twin, Brandon.

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