What Is Your Favorite Word And Why?

The University of Virginia: What is Your Favorite Word and Why?

by Jordan Lassiter

With friends, I co-founded a jazz band that plays for senior citizens.  At the Daughters of Israel Nursing Home, an elderly woman in a wheelchair was so happy that she grabbed my hand.  She was bored with doing artwork, but excited to hear us play “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman. The music produced my favorite word on her face–Smile. She smiled at her memory of being a young teen dancing with the man who became her husband.

The smile of  the excited stranger at the nursing home leads me to consider an article by UVA Professor Luann Lynch. In “Cases in Managerial and Cost Accounting,” Professor Lynch examines the essential link between human interactions of people from diverse backgrounds. The smiling woman and I are different in many ways– gender and generation to name just two.  Yet my saxophone created a bridge between us.  How can such a commonality through music help forge stronger relationships between doctors and patients or entrepreneurs and customers?  At UVA, I would engage questions like that with professors like Ms. Lynch.

At the University of Virginia, I would also start my own band, perhaps with aspiring physicians like me.  I would call it “Pre Med Music” combining my dream of becoming a doctor with my passion for music especially for  my alto saxophone.

I appreciate  the variety of ways my saxophone helps make people smile. During football season,  I help bring smiles to Millburn fans  when the stadium lights up with spirit.  The football team hasn’t won a game all season.  So when the 200 of us in the marching band take the stands, there are probably more smiles than you find at the end of the games: Crazy Train is the crowd favorite.‬

Jordan Lassiter is a freshman at The University of Virginia and a 2012 graduate of Millburn High School.