What Unique Aspect of Lehigh Most Interests You?

Lehigh: What unique aspect of Lehigh most interests you? (1250 characters; 150-250 words)

by Julius Heftler

The alarm rings and getting up is easy at Lehigh with days like mine. I can’t wait to meet Professor Mark Bickhard to discuss my project on the utilization of robotics in community service.  In our last meeting, we discussed the foundation of skills that children need to understand artificial intelligence and the ways I could have imparted those skills as a camp counselor at Grand Street Settlement last summer.

After meeting Professor Bickhard, I am headed to office hours with Professor Steven Goldman to discuss my paper on the fire bombing of London in WWII. In our last meeting, I shared my observations of Winston Churchill’s bunker during my visit to the city. Later, my co-head and I run our Modern Psychology club meeting. The topics range from Professor Bickhard’s research to psychics; the hour long meeting feels like 5 minutes.

I love Lehigh because it has programs that one would expect at a large research university, but the school offers many benefits of a liberal arts college, such as the close interaction with faculty. Lehigh’s approach to the global issues manifests itself in tailoring its curriculum to address “grand challenges and national needs,” as stated in the University’s Strategic Plan.

The days at Lehigh are long and fun and I proudly wear my brown and white Lehigh apparel on the main quad. That night, the Mountain Hawks crush the Lafayette Leopards. Hopefully this dream day will become reality in the Fall.

Julius Heftler, a 2012 graduate of The Dalton School, is a freshman at Lehigh University.


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