Why Barnard?

by Amanda Honeywell

“GO LIONS!” I could hear myself getting louder with the crowd as we watched the football game between Penn and Columbia. Seeing my chattering teeth, my mom told me to wait with the rest of the family; she’d be right back. I continued to cheer, ignoring the cold air against my face. Moments later she reappeared, wearing a light blue sweatshirt with BARNARD written across the front. She handed me an identical sweatshirt, informing me that I was now wearing her Alma Mater. As a six-year-old, I did not know what that meant, but I continued to cheer.

Last summer, I re-entered Barnard’s gates, overjoyed to have been accepted in the Pre-College Program. I enrolled in The Mental Life of Babies, studying infant cognition. One class just wasn’t enough. I hated saying goodbye to Milbank Hall and Pilar, my roommate who became a great friend. The experience reinforced strong interests in Barnard as a setting where I could thrive alongside brilliant women.

Besides, where else is a dancing bear the mascot?

Amanda Honeywell, a 2013 graduate of the Kew Forest School, is a freshman at Barnard.

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