Why Skidmore?

by Sophia Barachi-Ehlrich

In brief, why do you feel that Skidmore is a good match for your academic and personal goals? (700 ch)

The prodigious emphasis on the arts is one of the many things that drew me to Skidmore. It was the first school I visited where Studio Art is one of the most popular majors, which is important to me because I am a passionate painter. Many colleges claim to be largely art-oriented, but Skidmore uniquely and wonderfully combines classroom art with environmental aesthetics. The campus’ visual aspects give the students an electrified spark and the notion that anything is possible. In addition, the students can combine their artistic passions with other academic subjects, thereby doing what they love.

Sophia Barachi-Ehlrich, a 2012 graduate of The Ethical Culture Fieldston School, is a sophomore at Skidmore.

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