Why Syracuse?

Who or what influenced you to apply to Syracuse University?

by Douglass Holloway

The wind was brutal. It slapped my face and sent my body into a shiver the minute I stepped out of the car for my first visit to Syracuse University. I was not expecting Bahamas weather, but there was something about the snap of that first Syracuse wind that awakened my mind and body to a new day. I saw the smiles on the faces of students walking together and obviously enjoying their conversations. I wanted to pull out a video camera and begin shooting a series: Smiling Through the Engaging Winds of Syracuse Life.

My creativity was so comfortable within the cold world of Syracuse. I love to ski and felt like I was on my favorite slope as I toured the campus and learned more about the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, specifically of the Film/Television/ Radio program. I began imagining a life of classes that will compel me to study content in new ways. I envision assignments in which I create content that stretches the limits of different genres of film and television programing. I also appreciated the opportunities to study other subjects such as history and literature.

I had heard the Syracuse spin from many alumni and friends from my high school who attend the school. They say all the good things that loyal students and alumni celebrate about any good school: great faculty, a challenging curriculum, accomplished alumni, good sporting events, school spirit, engaging and quality campus experience, yeah, yeah, yeah. However, I saw the wonders of the alumni and student’s descriptions on my tour and in the classes I visited. By the time I was in the car on the way home with the heat blasting, I had acquired a strong taste for a new color. In fact, at breakfast the next day, my orange juice was not too sweet but not at all bitter. It was just right!

Douglass Holloway, a freshman at Syracuse, is a 2013 graduate of Scarsdale High School.