College Admissions Essay Individualized Coaching

College Admissions Essay Individualized Coaching

“I would start by saying it was an absolutely fantastic experience for my daughter to work with Professor Dent, guiding her college essays. I am grateful that she received this guidance, and she wouldn’t have been accepted without his guidance because we had the wrong impression of what a good college essay should be. This was a writing lesson that not only helped her get into the Ivy League school of her choice, but also taught her how to write essays of this nature for life. I highly recommend that you partner with Write for the Future and Professor Dent for your child’s success and college application process.”

– Sherrie Cole
Mother of Jasmine Cole
Class of 2013, Montclair Kimberley Academy
Class of 2017, University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

“David quickly identified my weaknesses as a writer and helped conduct assignments for me that would strengthen these areas. Being able to meet with him one-on-one made it easier for me to focus and really grasp what he was teaching me. Over time my essays became more concise and I created more powerful pieces with ease. We worked together on each supplemental essay for the Common Application. As we continued to work I witnessed an improvement in all of my writing courses in school. …To this day, on every piece of writing, I continue to use the methods I learned while working with David.”

– Jordan Adams
Class of 2010, Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Class of 2014, Trinity College
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Trinity College

“David and the Write for the Future team made the college essay process simple and uniquely Justin. The words and thoughts were his – WFTF helped him articulate and develop them. In addition, the structured and methodical progression of the essays worked well to meet the various deadlines. I highly recommend the program.”

– Paul Schnell
Father of Justin Schnell
Class of 2013, The Dalton School
Class of 2017, University of Michigan
To read Justin’s essay, click here.

University of Michigan

“Thank you so much for the skill, guidance, professionalism and support over the past year and a half with my daughters essays. The Write for the Future program offered Imani a method to express her writing voice in a way that colleges listened. When Imani was a junior starting in the program, she learned the different style of writing needed to introduce her incredible self to a college reader. I loved how she was actively engaged with her writing instructors. Everyone on your team are such great teachers. By the time applications were ready for submission, it was evident her growth, understanding and writing aptitude had matured and developed into a truly great piece of work! That would not have happened if it weren’t for your writing expertise, patience and understanding of teen growth. Thank you again for your amazing skill and knowledge in teaching and guiding my daughter to write her best. In a few years, be ready for one more opportunity to do your magic as my son will be taking your course!”

– Nicole Stent
Mother of Imani Graham
Class of 2013, High School of American Studies at Lehman College
Class of 2017, Dartmouth College


“Enrolling in The Write for the Future College Essay Writing program was the best thing I could’ve done for my college process. Having procrastinated my applications until the last minute, I was overwhelmed, lost, intimidated and uneasy until I started my Write for the Future sessions. The Dents and their coaches were able to motivate me, lead me through the journey and help me to achieve deeper levels of self reflection. David’s late-night calls and emails really showed his dedication to the program and my results as an applicant. After my first semester in college, it was clear Write for the Future had improved my writing and analytical skills. Upon returning to the city for the holidays and stopping by to visit the Dents, I became nostalgic about the essay writing process that I once dreaded and avoided. I ended up enjoying the process once I started with Write for the Future.”

– Dillon Johnson
Class of 2013, Hunter College High School
Class of 2017, Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon

“My son DJ had a very enriching experience with WFTF. He was extremely committed to improving his writing and to express his thoughts. He connected with David and his assistants in a very positive and bonding way. I was very pleased with the outcome of his writing and I think it will go along way as he writes as a college student. Writing never came easy for him, but I think his writing improved more through this experience than during his four years in high school.”

– Douglas V Holloway
Father of DJ Holloway
Class of 2013, Scarsdale High School
Class of 2017, Syracuse University


“At first, I didn’t think Write for the Future would be the program for me because of all the free writes. I didn’t seem to find the common threads in all of them. It wasn’t until I wrote my first draft that I saw the method to the madness and continued to work on the essay. I am proud to say that Write for the Future is the reason why I was able to produce an amazing essay that landed me a spot in my first choice college. This program is great!”

– Monet Thibou
Class of 2013, Elisabeth Irwin High School
Class of 2017, Sarah Lawrence College
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Sarah Lawrence

“I think Write for the Future is an extraordinary program. I think what makes it unique is David and Valerie Dent’s focus on using the journalistic method to help students discover how to find their own true story. Using these tools, David helps his students uncover a narrative that honestly represents who they are. I have read many of the essays that David’s students have written and each is truly unique and contains an extraordinarily singular writing style. They are funny, moving, truly heartfelt—the kind of life essay that forces you to take into consideration the humanity of the writer. Our daughter Hannah loved working with David and the team. The essay she wrote, which earned her early decision acceptance at Northwestern, was a distillation of so many of Hannah’s great qualities. It was an awesome essay, but more importantly, it truly gave the admissions team a strong sense of Hannah. Thank you, Write for the Future, for all the great work. I recommend you wholeheartedly.”

– Jason Kliot
Father of Hannah Kliot
Class of 2013, The Dalton School
Class of 2017, Northwestern University
To read Hannah’s essay, click here.


“Write for the Future provided an incredible opportunity for Sophia to reflect on her life and the important events and people that have shaped her identity and interests. Sophia had the fortune to work with David, an amazing teacher and mentor, and other writing coaches who encouraged and supported her through the entire process. It was wonderful to see Sophia connecting the dots, and discovering herself while developing her writing skills and confidence as a writer. As parents, we witnessed this process and saw the results, without the need to become too involved. Write for the Future provided the right space and tools she needed to bring out her best and write solid and meaningful essays. More importantly, she grew and matured as a writer and individual throughout this process. We deeply appreciate what David and Valerie have been able to create and accomplish with Write for the Future.”

– Amparo Hoffman and Bruce Edelstein
Parents of Sophia Edelstein
Class of 2013, The Dalton School
Class of 2017, Stanford University


“From the very first moment I started with Write for the Future, I knew I was in good hands; Mr. and Mrs. Dent, along with the other writing coaches, helped me to write about my passion in a way that was exciting, making me forget that this was such a crucial part of the college process. I enjoyed working with everyone and my writing greatly improved—even my teachers took notice. I am so thankful for all that I’ve learned from WFTF and can guarantee success with future students.”

– Amanda Honeywell
Class of 2013, The Kew Forest School
Class of 2017, Barnard College
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Barnard College

“At first I was very skeptical about Write For The Future since my parents have often put me in programs I just did not enjoy. I thought this was just another part of that routine. However, from the start, Professor Dent was very open to new ideas and pushing me to think of new ideas and expand my thinking and intellect in totally new ways. He made the essay writing process something I looked forward to whenever we had sessions. The whole process ended up being fun, believe it or not. I highly encourage others to join the program!”

– Nile “Maui” Adams
Class of 2013, Elisabeth Irwin High School
Class of 2017, New York University
To read Nile’s essay, click here.


“Write for the Future was one of the best college investments that I have made for my daughter. The support and individualized attention given every step of the way during the college application process was invaluable. Professor David Dent and staff were engaging and encouraging during the writing process. The results of Write for the Future are well-written essays that reveal the individual essence of each student.”

– Carissa Anderson
Mother of Taylor Anderson
Class of 2013, Immaculate Heart Academy
Class of 2017, Syracuse University


“When I first joined Write for the Future, I was unsure about how to approach the college admissions essays. Although I had written drafts, I felt as though none of them truly captured my personality. Working with David taught me to to create a piece of writing which seamlessly tied my multitude of experiences together in a way that represented my character. Write for the Future not only helped me to discover more about myself through my writing, but also was a factor in my admission to one of my top college choices.”

– Francesca Polycarpe
Class of 2013, The Dalton School
Class of 2017, Columbia University


“I am a huge advocate of the Write for the Future program. The most powerful aspect of the program was David and his team’s ability to guide my daughter through a journey that enabled her to capture the very essence of what makes her unique and different. Each child has a story and I firmly believe that through this program Kyra was able to find her voice and tell her story and simply articulate that she was so much more than her grades and activities. Thanks for everything Write for the Future!”

– Andrea Lucas
Mother of Kyra Lucas
Class of 2013, Woodward Academy
Class of 2017, Syracuse University


“The Write for the Future staff is very supportive and helpful. Without Mr. Dent’s guidance, I probably would not have written such an amazing essay. Write for the Future has also helped me with my creative writing style as well.”

– Romea Noel
Class of 2013, St. John’s Preparatory School
Class of 2017, SUNY Potsdam

SUNY - Potsdam

“My admissions essay-writing process began with thinking about that one common essay where I had to find a way to convince a stranger that I belonged at his or her institution in 500 words. With my prior struggles with writing, I found this task next to impossible until my first consultation with Mr. Dent and one of his associates. His first exercise gave me a stream of ideas and experiences I wanted to write about. Every 10 minutes I would shout that I had yet another idea I wanted to incorporate into my essay. But this first meeting was only the beginning of my time with Write for the Future. This first day my mind was flooding with ideas, but weeks later into the Summer… when I was unsure what words to put down on paper, or what to write about, Mr. Dent’s associates would guide me toward a piece that genuinely excited me… Write for the Future associates asked me questions that made me truly think about what I was writing, what type of person I was, and especially how I could show that with black ink and a word count limit.

“The Write for the Future program helps you with more than just essays. The structure of the program drove me to understand more about myself and toward major writing improvements. Before my time with Write for the Future, I was skeptical about my writing skills, but the workshops and individual meetings left me feeling proud about my final pieces when I pressed the “submit” button. This confidence even followed me back to the classroom where I had less trouble writing essays and other writing exercises. I saw the results when I received an A- on my senior thesis in April.

“The college admissions process is one that no one can fully prepare for until it comes, but Write for the Future undoubtedly created a smooth path toward my successful results. Most importantly, Write for the Future taught me how to write for myself, not just for a room of admissions officers.”

– Jamie Woodard
Class of 2013, Peddie School
Class of 2017, Georgetown University
To read Jamie’s essay, click here.


“David and his coaches were able to get some of the best work out of Brandon that I’ve seen in his entire high school career. I have no doubt that these essays made the difference in making an average application excellent.”

– Dr. Valerie Hepburn
Mother of Brandon Jones
Class of 2011, Montclair High School
Class of 2015, NYU Tisch School of the Arts


“Write for the Future revolutionized my writing. It helped me to find depth and connections between seemingly unrelated events and to tie them together seamlessly. The process as a whole is very engaging and the writing coaches are extremely helpful; they encourage the formulating of ideas in a way that does not sacrifice the authenticity of the essay, not once during the process did I feel as if I was writing someone else’s essay. Write for the Future made me an overall better writer…”

– Khiana Lowe
Class of 2012, Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School
Class of 2016, Stanford University
To read Khiana’s essay, click here.


“Our son came to this program in his junior year with the idea that he would get an early jump on the college writing process. His essay was great! The benefits of the program did not stop there. What he really learned was how to write well. This helped him throughout his senior year and will benefit him next year as college freshman.”

– Sandy Harris
Mother of Alec Harris
Class of 2012, Pomfret School
Class of 2016, University of Pennsylvania
To read Alec’s essay, click here.

University of Pennsylvania

“My experience with write for the future was amazing. Mr. Dent, Tori, Luke, everybody was experienced … They all were encouraging and positive with constant constructive feedback. You guys were an amazing help on my journey and a driving force behind my appointment to the Academy. Thank you so much, its beyond words.”

– Lance Garrett
Class of 2012, McLean High School
Class of 2016, Coast Guard Academy
To read Lance’s essay, click here.

US Coast Guard

“Our son Mark totally loved the experience. The one-on-one phone calls & Skype sessions were invaluable to him. They also kept him focused and on track. Write for the Future helped our son organize his thoughts and ideas to create an essay that reflected his thoughts in his own words. We would definitely recommend the program for any student who needs a little assistance writing their college essay. We are also looking forward to our daughter participating in the program in a few years.”

– Cassandra Lockett
Mother of Mark Lockett
Class of 2012, Hopkinton High School
Class of 2016, Morehouse College
To read Mark’s essay, click here.


“I had a great experience in the program. I came in with a comical yet insignificant piece of writing. Throughout my process, David helped me mold my story into a life narrative. I still kept the humor I wanted to be present but my essay gained substance. I truly believe David helped me become a better writer.”

– Nicholas Jacobson
Class of 2012, The Dalton School
Class of 2016, Northwestern University
To read Nicholas’ essay, click here.


“Write for the Future was one of the best things I have ever done for my son. Initially, when we signed him up he was annoyed and didn’t want to do it! That reluctance quickly gave way to rave reviews and total appreciation for my finding David Dent. Why this vast and rapid turn around? Professor Dent and his staff have a wonderfully skilled way in getting the best out of these kids… I have only superlatives to describe how Write for the Future works. It certainly was ‘right’ for my son’s future.”

– Ms. Heftler
Mother of Julius Heftler
Class of 2012, The Dalton School
Class of 2016, Lehigh University
To read Julius’ essay, click here.


“Write for the Future helped me get the best writing out of me. With all of the stress of being a first semester senior, write for the future helped make it a lot less stressful. I honestly felt that my common app essay and my supplement for Wesleyan University was my best work submitted to the University.”

– Alexandra White
Class of 2012, Friends Academy
Class of 2016, Wesleyan University
To read Alexandra’s essay, click here.


“Write for the Future has helped me immensely. They stood by through every step of the grueling process of writing my college essay. Whenever I needed a second opinion or help brainstorming, they were there. One of the great things about Write for the Future is that even though they were always there to help, they never once made me feel as if what I was writing wasn’t my own work. They didn’t write my essay, they helped me discover my own writing voice, a voice that I did not even know was there. By the end of my time with Write for the Future, I had become a more confident writer.”

– Idris Brewster
Class of 2012, The Dalton School
Class of 2016, Occidental University
To read Idris’ essay, click here.


“My experience with Write for the Future was nothing but a delight. Professor Dent and his associates provided an ideal environment for me to explore my true potential while writing my college essays.”

– Jordan Lassiter
Class of 2012, Millburn High School
Class of 2016, University of Virginia
To read Jordan’s essay, click here.

University of Virginia

“I wanted to write and thank you for helping Dexter become a better thinker and writer. He was, as a result of your well organized and supportive program, able to refine his college essay while maintaining his own voice. Working with you in your program not only helped him concretize his college essay, it also really helped him to embrace the value of thinking through a personal piece of writing from formulation through completion. This is a life skill which he will take with him to Johns Hopkins and beyond.”

– Michelle Lovelace
Mother of Dexter Zimet
Class of 2012, The Dalton School
Class of 2016, Johns Hopkins University
To read Dexter’s essay, click here.

John Hopkins

“Before meeting with Professor Dent I didn’t have a clear idea of what my college essay topic would be or how I would go about writing it. However, after my first meeting with him I was truly confident that I would write a unique and strong essay. Professor Dent managed to make me think about topics that I would not have even considered… and ultimately made me passionate about the subjects that I chose. ..When I was working with Write For the Future, I didn’t feel as if it was a boring college essay workshop that most of my friends attended. Due to Write For the Future and Professor Dent, I actually believe that my essay stood out among the others that were sent to the colleges to which I applied.”

– Curran Dhar
Class of 2011, Poly Prep Country Day School
Class of 2015, Gettysburg College


“My experience in Mr. Dent’s essay building class helped me produce one of my best works to date. He was able to make the writing fun by being interested in nearly every topic that I chose to write about. Even if I came to a speed bump, his charismatic and exiting take on writing helped me to overcome it. I have worked for him since then in the same program and his outlook stays the same. Being excited about someone’s achievements, and showing students that you are not only invested in their writing, but in their comfort level, is key to their success.”

– Evan Grotevant
Class of 2010, New Rochelle High School
Class of 2014, Emerson College


“[When I looked at my first draft for the personal statement and then looked at the final draft,] I realized how much my time at Write for the Future enhanced my writing…and pushed me to think more deeply, which created a better essay. I actually learned a lot about myself through the essay…and my essay really helped me receive an acceptance from my top choice.”

– Jason North Lightning
Class of 2011, Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Class of 2015, Yale University


“While writing essays this past year in college, I constantly found myself looking back to my time with Write For the Future and considering what advice Professor Dent might give me. My experience with Write For the Future and Professor Dent thoroughly improved my skills and overall analysis as a writer. Through Write For the Future, I crafted a series of excellent admissions essays that not only helped me to get into my top choice university, but one of my essays was later posted on the admissions website as one of the best essays received.”

– Chris Drakeford
Class of 2010, Yorktown High School
Class of 2014, Tufts University
To read Chris’ essay, click here.


“You are to be congratulated for fine-tuning your workshops and training sessions to the needs of each student. My boys approached the college process very differently and you were able to appeal to them individually and successfully. Jordan is thriving at Trinity College and Brody is thoroughly enjoying George Washington University, Different kids, different schools, mutual success! Thanks for your hard work, dedication and commitment to enhancing the opportunities for young people – and their parents to transition to a wonderful new phase of family life.”

– Vickie Jordan Adams
Mother of Brody and Jordan
George Washington University
Trinity College

George Washington

“Write for the Future was a truly transforming experience. Aside from rekindling a joy of writing and improving writing skills, the process engendered deeper thought and more inspirational expression for a more honest, provocative, and revealing essay of our daughter’s life experiences, and further motivated her as she pursued an education at colleges of her choice. We wish the program continued success.”

– Carrol and Alix Mondesir
Parents of Chloe Mondesir
Class of 2012, St. Francis Preparatory School
Class of 2016, Spelman College
To read Chloe’s essay, click here.


“From our very first meeting with Valerie and David Dent, we knew it was the best program for our daughter, Alexa. They really make it their priority to know the individual student in order to produce the best and most personal essay possible. They don’t just make sure the story is good, the Dents and their staff really make sure that the author’s voice is heard and by the end, the reader truly knows the author. The staff is extremely flexible and worked tirelessly both in person and via Skype with our daughter to perfect not only her main college essay but also her 11 supplemental essays required for various college applications. Even when communicating via Skype, the staff always left detailed notes and never logged off once their session was complete, but only logged off when they along with Alexa felt that the revisions and notes were thorough or when the essay was perfect. We highly recommend Write for the Future to all students and their families whether you are just looking to brush up on your writing skills or writing your many college essays. Valerie, David and their entire staff are professional, courteous and accommodating and their services were invaluable during the entire college application process. Thank you!”

– Juliana Brown-DeRiggs
Mother of Alexa DeRiggs
Class of 2013, The Packer Collegiate Institute
Class of 2017, Colgate University


“Every time I needed a second pair of eyes on the essays, there was always someone… at Write for the Future. I can honestly say that my meetings with David Dent ultimately became the edifice of my success in the application process… Through Write for the Future, I learned how to capture my personality within my writing which is a gift I will carry throughout my academic career at Columbia.”

– Tori Van Amson
Class of 2011, Nightingale-Bamford School
Class of 2015, Columbia University


“My daughters are good writers. I’m a good editor. I didn’t think we needed any outside help with college essays. Boy was I wrong! David and the Write for the Future Team helped my two daughters write outstanding essays that helped get both of them in Early Decision. One daughter ended up writing about what we had always thought she would but David revealed a topic in my other daughter that we never would have thought of – and it was brilliant! With both girls the Write for the Future team was immensely helpful from beginning to end and was particularly helpful on the short answers in the Supplements, which the schools had said were very important and often overlooked. I highly recommend Write for the Future for anyone applying to college, whether you think you need them or not!”

– Jonathan Weintraub
Father of Blair and Samantha Weintraub
Class of 2014, Brentwood College School
Class of 2018, Bates College
Class of 2014, The Hewitt School
Class of 2018, New York University

NYU  Bates

“Working with Write for the Future was an amazing experience. The coaches helped make the college application process so much easier. They provided just the right amount for me to write my best possible essay. I also got to reflect and learn about myself through the writing process. Throughout the whole experience I felt good about the work I was doing. The team really cared and worked hard to make sure I was satisfied with my final product. There is no way I would have been able to create anything close to the quality of my final essay without Write for the Future.”

– Alyssa Morgan
Class of 2014, Brooklyn Technical High School
Class of 2018, Cornell University


“WFTF was a true lifesaver! As a parent of twins going through the college application process, I was totally overwhelmed. Once we had our initial session with Professor Dent, I knew we were in good hands regarding the essays, which had seemed insurmountable. The folks at WFTF were always in communication, and they kept our students on track and focused. I could have never imagined the thoughtful, creative essays that were produced. The application process was a stressful experience, but I am happy WFTF was there to make it easier. I highly recommend them; it is money well spent.”

– Lila Kirton
Mother of Parris and Brandon Lloyd
Class of 2014, The Ursuline School
Class of 2018, George Washington University
Class of 2014, White Plains High School
Class of 2018, George Washington University

George Washington

“Write for the Future was an invaluable partner for Jordan during her journey through the college application process. They challenged her to craft essays that clearly articulated her experiences, personality and overall uniqueness, bringing to life all of the things that made her a great candidate for her college choices. Jordan grew as a writer during the process and has developed new writing techniques. We are thrilled with the efforts of David, Valerie and the entire team which helped Jordan ultimately produce an outstanding collection of essays that helped her successfully gain admission under Early Decision to her first choice of colleges.”

– Sheila Harris and Wallace Harris, Jr
Parents of Jordan Harris
Class of 2014, St. Ignatius College Prep
Class of 2018, Northwestern University


“Many thanks to WFTF for a great learning experience! My son’s commitment to the process, coupled with the guidance of WFTF staff, resulted in an essay that demonstrated his love of writing and reflected an important life event worthy of sharing with college admissions officers.”

– J.R. Miller
Mother of Ryan Shepard
Class of 2014, Choate Rosemary Hall
Class of 2018, American University


“Write for the Future is an exceptional program that has encouraged me to express my ideas creatively on paper. After working with the program’s writing coaches for two months, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my writing ability. Write for the Future made the college admissions process easier than what I had originally expected.”

– Laura Tefler
Class of 2014, Jackson Liberty High School
Class of 2018, Cornell University


“Through the enormous help and support that this program gave me, i was able to gain the confidence to express the feelings I needed for my common app essay. Rather than dictating, David and the other staff writers helped guide me to express what I wanted to say in my own words. I was able to work in the comfort of my own home, and at a time that was convenient for me. Their nurturing and supportive attitude towards learning my story and helping me translate it to paper was exactly what I needed to successfully write my essay. All my other writings have definitely been influenced by this program, and I know as I enter college and beyond, I will always remember the guidance that Write for the Future has given me and the writing tips that will be with me forever.

– Allegra Neely-Wilson
Class of 2014, The Brearley School
Class of 2018, Connecticut College

Connecticut College

“Working with David and his team was an amazing experience for my son. David was quite effective in providing the prompts and guidance necessary for him to tell his own story in a meaningful way. We would highly recommend Write for the Future.”

– Diane Moss
Mother of Evan Imegwu
Class of 2014, Millburn High School
Class of 2018, Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State

“Write for the Future was a great resource for me during my college application process last fall. They helped me immensely with my personal statement for my college applications. Not only did they provide wonderful strategies for drafting my essay at the start of the process, but they also were a huge help all along the way. They gave extremely constructive feedback, while doing an incredible job of keeping in touch with me even when I wasn’t with them in person. And when I was with them in person, at the workshop on the Vineyard, or in New York, the one-on-one attention I received from a number of people who work there was top-notch. Thanks for everything Write for the Future!”

– Kyndall Ashe
Class of 2014, Sidwell Friends School
Class of 2018, Amherst College


“Unquestionably, Christopher’s writing ability for his class assignments has improved since attending Write For the Future (WFTF),in addition to writing a great college essay. Christopher’s confidence in his ability to write well greatly increased after attending WFTF. Whereas, previously, he would have taken me up on my offer to give guidance on writing the numerous supplemental college esays that he had to write; after WFTF, he responded, “For as many months as I have been attending WFTF, Mom, I got this!”. My husband and I are very pleased with our son’s experinece at WFTF. THANK YOU.”

– Carol Stephens
Mother of Christopher Stephens
Class of 2014, The Browning School
Class of 2018, Stony Brook University

Stony Brook

“We were dreading the essay writing aspect of the college admission process since our son was not a confident writer. Though we live in California, my wife met a WFTF consultant on a bus in NYC which led to a Skype conversation with David and Valerie. After 10 minutes I knew we had found a solution. They oozed passion and could clearly articulate a process, both of which I felt were critical success factors. I had some trepidation about using Skype as the mode of communication but realized I conduct business with people around the world via Skype so why not essay writing. It turned out to be ideal as it provided maximum flexibility with Jack’s hectic, sports dominant schedule. Jack and WFTF would connect weekly and over time the essays came together. Though this wasn’t just about writing an essay, I really feel as though Jack “learned how to write”. Not only has his writing skills improved, but most importantly, his confidence. The anxiety he used to have when he had a writing assignment is gone. Oh, and we credit the essays for his high acceptance rate. We are big fans of WFTF.”

– Doug and Selma Bushell
Parents of Jack Bushell
Class of 2014, Redwood High School
Class of 2018, Emerson College


“It was such a pleasure to have Giorgi in the program last year. Not only did she love it, but she wrote beautiful essays for her college applications. In each of them she delved deeply into who she is as a person. The instruction and writing work will help her not only with understanding who she is, but also understanding what it’s like to go through the process of creating a beautifully written piece. So I see it not only as a program which was intended to be used as a part of the application process for college but a great learning experience in writing for life. Thank you for all your help and all your incredible attention. I am a big fan!”

– Deanna Kory
Mother of Girogi Ben-Meir
Class of 2014, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School
Class of 2018, University of Southern California


“David Dent does a great job of helping students come up with revealing topics of their very own to consider for their college essays. He takes the time that is needed to transport your child beyond the routine parameters of his/her thinking to get there.”

– Lisa Boldt
Mother of Alden Boldt
Class of 2014, Berkshire School
Class of 2018, Union College

Union College

“We have had two sons in Write for the Future, and in each case we found that it took the pressure off us [the parents] to have to assist with the writing, which is not my forte. It removed us from thinking what would be the right college essay to write.
The Write for the Future team has a better idea of what colleges are looking for. The whole admissions process is different now from when I went to school. Having a clear understanding of what colleges are looking for is important. There’s a lot of folks who say they can help with an essay. But Professor Dent takes the time to find out who the child is. The interview process is good. As Dent got to know my sons, they got to know themselves. This helped my sons represent themselves in their own writing. Professor Dent is a great person to work with. My sons were always comfortable expressing themselves around him. He creates a safe space for them to learn.
Our son, Jarani, has always been a writer, but Write for the Future opened up his mind about writing a lot more than in the past. I won’t say it liberated him, but it made him more able to document what his true feelings were–good or bad. In terms of argumentative writing or debate, I think it strengthened his ability to put on paper his own thoughts and to think out of the box. He was able to share something with the Write for the Future program, more so there than if we had been involved. It was an independent space for him to grow.

Before Write for the Future, our other son Jakobi had no comfort in writing at all. Writing was a task. It was a chore. It was something he didn’t want to do. For Jakobi, it allowed him the freedom of speech to share. There are no limits or boundaries in the writing process. It allows the students to explore themselves without fear of backlash. It really allows them to be free. Going forward, it lets them know, It’s okay for me to have an opinion as long as it’s shared in a constructive manner. There are no limitations on their ability to think.
To other parents considering Write for the Future for their child, it is well worth the cost. It takes the pressure off the parents and also allows the kids to be able to think in a non-threatening environment; open up and share without being judged one way or another; and to help organize thoughts in a way that they’re more confident in themselves.
We have one more son. We plan to send him in three years.”

– Deborah Jackson
Mother of Jirani and Jakobi Jackson
Class of 2014, Stanford High School
Class of 2018, Bryant University
Class of 2012, Stanford High School
Class of 2016, American University

Bryant  American