College Admissions Essay Individualized Coaching

“Working with everyone at Write for The Future was amazing. Everyone was very accommodating, and there was always available time to meet practically any time I wanted during the week. Through working with everyone I was able to put all the ideas flying around in my head onto paper in a concise 650-word essay, which is something that would’ve been impossible to do on my own. For me, Write for the Future goes beyond essays for college, the program helps students learn how to become better writers. The sessions I attended were for writing essays for college, but they doubled as exercises in self-reflection and writing about myself, a practice I struggled with before working with Write for the Future. I am very thankful for everything the Write for the Future team has done for me and recommend the program to anyone and everyone.”

Alex Gaines 
Class of 2023, St George’s School
Class of 2027, Princeton University


“David and the Write for the Future team were a Godsend during the rigorous and stressful college application process. My daughter initially approached the college essay challenge with dread and uncertainty, but after she started working with WFTF, her confidence and sense of self  truly blossomed. The team’s thoughtful and supportive workshop approach took an overwhelming process and made it a joyful journey of discovery. I have no doubt that the fine quality, diverse breadth and distinctive story telling of her final essays were a direct result of her work with David and the coaching team. “

Lynn Godfrey
Mother of Kaela Godfrey,
Class of 2022, New Rochelle High School
Class of  2026, Cornell University

Cornell University - Wikipedia

“David and his team at Write For The Future provided outstanding coaching to my daughter Zoe as she navigated her way through the process of writing her Common App Essay. While Zoe started the program with strong writing skills, David was instrumental in helping her identify a compelling and differentiated essay theme that flowed directly from her life experiences and spoke volumes about “what makes her tick.” David also provided gentle support and mentoring as my daughter molded and shaped the theme into a beautiful and engaging essay that captured the essence of her spirit, in her unique voice. Importantly, the WFTF team really care. They commit the time effort and energy needed to help students draft their way to phenomenal essays that contribute to phenomenal outcomes in the college admissions process. Delighted to report that my daughter was accepted into her first choice school.”

Sheila Hopkins
Mom of Zoë Hopkins
Class of 2018, The Brearley School
Class of 2022, Harvard College

“Signing up with Write for the Future was the smartest decision we made in our daughter’s college application. In addition to giving a structure to the whole process and helping with the essays themselves, the sessions with David and other NYU students served as a great extra writing class and a fantastic learning experience. Her common app and other essays became her own independent writing project and took the stress of who what, and how to write off the whole family. Our daughter’s Write for the Future class also gave her a good and needed taste of university-level course work and helped her learn to better manage her own time and skills.

Thank goodness for Write for the Future!”

Sydney Bringer
Anouk Bringer
Class of 2018, Professional Performing Arts High School
Class of 2022, University of Vermont

“My time at WFTF was a time of self-discovery. I worked with a few, incredibly passionate individuals to craft my own story. Starting with an intensive process of simply getting all of my ideas out onto a page, I spent two weeks writing 10+ pages or so on important life events/lessons. I worked hands-on with an NYU professor to sort through these ideas, and, after creating a personal statement that I felt was an accurate representation of myself and my passions, we began to tackle the supplements. There I worked with people who had actually gone to the schools in questions to craft pointed, effective short writing pieces that reflected me as an individual. Once I finished each set of supplements, they were put through another set of reviews, until I was finally ready to submit. After the long slog of revising and writing, I thought we’d simply part ways, but WFTF impressed me with their follow-ups and their genuine interest in where I was going. At WFTF, I was given the space to find and express my voice with an impressive amount of consideration for ‘me.'”

Zaheer Coovadia
Class of 2018, The Baccalaureate School for Global Education
Class of 2022, Rochester Institute of Technology

“As a stem student, getting his feelings and thoughts on paper is a struggle for my son. Fortunately, at the advice of a friend, he worked with the amazingly talented individuals at Write For The Future, and I am CERTAIN, he was accepted into his highly selective first choice school because WFTF helped him put his exact thoughts on paper. He showed his essays to a friend who is a college English professor and his AP English Literature teacher, and they were both impressed, and told him how beautifully written his story was. My son and I are forever grateful to WFTF for helping him clear his mind, and feel confident and safe to write, which resulted in the acceptance of his first choice school.”

Alice Tse
Mother of Matthew Chiu
Class of 2018, New York Harbor School
Class of 2022, Tufts University

“The fall of senior year was very stressful, both for our daughters and for us. At a time when we felt they most needed our advice and support, they were struggling with their independence and seemed to discount all of our suggestions. Write for the Future provided the support, organization and advice they needed to complete the Common Application and supplemental essays on time. David and his team were excellent teachers and credible role models.

My first daughter attended WFTF on site in New York. By the time my second daughter was applying to college, we had moved out of the city. Even though we were in a time zone 6 hours ahead, Write for the Future was able to help. She attended a 2-day workshop on Martha’s Vineyard, followed by Skype sessions over the fall semester. The organization and writing skills both daughters gained from Write for the Future also helped with other assignments. Both girls noted that they had a much more organized approach to senior essays and freshman English than many of their peers, due to tips they had gained at WFTF.

The program was instrumental in getting each of my daughters into their first choice schools (Carnegie Mellon and Brown Universities). I cannot recommend Write for the Future more strongly for families in and outside of New York.”

Linda Armstrong
Mother of Courtney and Zoe Armstrong
Class of 2011, Trinity School
Class of 2015, Carnegie Mellon University
Class of 2015, International School of Basel
Class of 2019, Brown University
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Brown Carnegie Mellon


“We were very pleased with the support and guidance Write for The Future provided to our son, Drew. Write for the Future’s approach took much of the mystery out of the essay-writing process, and provided the best practices to writing effective essays that capture the attention of the reader. David and his staff were able to take our son’s general and wide-ranging ideas about essay topics and scope, and provide a method enabling him to better develop a more precise theme for his essay, while permitting him to use his own voice. The staff recognized that there is no “one-size-fits-all approach” to effective essay preparation, resulting in Drew presenting a well-prepared, beautifully written essay about his growth and maturation as a student. You can’t ask for anything more.”

David and Rhonda Crichlow
Parents of Drew Crichlow
Class of 2015, Montclair Kimberley Academy
Class of 2019, Yale university
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“It was worth investing my money. David and his coaches are phenomenal. When I went to the college office at Asha’s school, I mentioned that I was using him to help Asha write her essay and they said, ‘It is not worth it.’ … Thankfully, I did not listen to them because I went with my own instinct. The one thing about the program is that David never turned us away. We could have gone everyday––we went about twice a week for a couple of hours, and we started off very early. They were always accommodating. I’m highly recommending David to everyone.”

Charlotte Hosten
Mother of Asha Hosten
Class of 2015, Little Red Schoolhouse and Elisabeth Irwin High School
Class of 2019, Smith College
To read Asha’s essay, click here.
Smith College

“Working with Write for the Future was great. The individualized attention really helped me develop my writing skills while maintaining a strong sense of my voice. I’d recommend this program to anyone, regardless of their writing skill.”

Matthew Gilbert
Class of 2015 Brooklyn Technical High School
Class of 2019 Wesleyan University
To read Matthew’s essay,

“I had an incredible experience working with the team at Write for the Future. I felt not only comfortable with the staff but confident enough to really analyze my own thoughts and get them down on paper. The process significantly lowered my stress about applying to college, and I’m very grateful to have participated.”

Sage Adams
Class of 2015, Little Red Schoolhouse and Elisabeth Irwin High School
Class of 2019, Howard University
To read Sage’s essay, click here.
Howard University

“As our daughter moved through the stages of brainstorming topics, drafting, and editing essays, the Write for the Future team provided her with a perfect balance of guidance and support without compromising the authenticity of her voice and writing. Even though she had already proven herself to be a strong writer, with Write for the Future serving as an independent, objective, and experienced writing coach, she produced stellar essays, helping her secure offers of admission from the most selective colleges and universities, including her first choices.”

Jennifer Austin
Mother of Kennedy Austin
Class of 2015, Berkeley Carroll School
Class of 2019, Wellesley College
To read Kennedy’s essay, click here.
Wellesley College

“Ian produced fantastic essays and it was an enjoyable experience. I recommend David and Write for the Future without hesitation.”

Alicia Batts
Mother of Ian Batts
Class of 2018, Harvard University
To read Ian’s essay, click here.

“From the very first moment I started with Write for the Future, I knew I was in good hands…my writing greatly improved—even my teachers took notice. I am so thankful for all that I’ve learned from WFTF and can guarantee success with future students.”

Amanda Honeywell
Class of 2013, The Kew Forest School
Class of 2017, Barnard College
To read Amanda’s essay, click here.

Barnard College

“Write for the Future provided an incredible opportunity for Sophia to reflect on her life and the important events and people that have shaped her identity and interests. Sophia had the fortune to work with David, an amazing teacher and mentor, and other writing coaches who encouraged and supported her through the entire process. It was wonderful to see Sophia connecting the dots, and discovering herself while developing her writing skills and confidence as a writer. As parents, we witnessed this process and saw the results, without the need to become too involved. Write for the Future provided the right space and tools she needed to bring out her best and write solid and meaningful essays. More importantly, she grew and matured as a writer and individual throughout this process. We deeply appreciate what David and Valerie have been able to create and accomplish with Write for the Future.”

Amparo Hoffman and Bruce Edelstein
Parents of Sophia Edelstein
Class of 2013, The Dalton School
Class of 2017, Stanford University

“What a positive experience it was for Molly to work with WFTF last Summer! The program was very well organized and the personal attention she received was outstanding. I was impressed with the quality of the feedback Molly received as she worked through countless drafts of her essays as well as WFTF’s commitment to keep at it until Molly’s voice was fully realized. You did a great job in helping Molly focus, first, on the best main narrative to present and then in helping her experiment with many different sub-narratives. She was very proud of her finished product and felt that she had accomplished something important.”

Michael F. Klein
Father of Molly Klein
Class of 2014, Darien High School
Class of 2018, Colgate University
To read Molly’s essay, click here.


“David and the rest of the WFTF team did a phenomenal job of keeping Jordan on track during the grueling and difficult college application process. Not only did they help her write an excellent essay, they kept her spirits up and her confidence high during the long and often demoralizing season. I recommend them highly.”

Donna White
Mother of Jordan White
Class of 2015 Hunter College High School
Class of 2019, Wesleyan University
To read Jordan’s essay, click here.

“Write for the Future is more than a College Preparatory writing program; it is a unique deep dive written exploration into the inner sanctum of each college bound teenager. With the program’s weekly support and guidance, our twin girls found their voices and their stories. When I asked if they would recommend the program to their own younger brother and to other kids, they unequivocally replied that “he must take the course, everyone should.”

Valerie Feigen and Steven Eisman
Parents Alex and Dani Eisman
Class of 2016, Children’s Professional School
Class of 2020, University of Miami
Class of 2016, Robert Louis Stevenson School
Class of 2020, New York University
NYU University of Miami


“I can’t say enough glowing things about ‘David and Valerie and their team. We called them at the very last minute to help Natalie with her essay…. They did a phenomenal job with various exercises and she produced a strong essay. … And it worked. She got into her dream school and we will be grateful to Write for the Future forever.”

Jann Moorehead
Mother of Natalie Moorehead
Class of 2016, Redwood High School
Class of 2020, Chapman University

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Expository/Creative Writing

“When Cameron came to Write for the Future, he was at the bottom of his class in writing and literature. In about 26 sessions, he has gone from a bottom to an A. It is so exhilarating to see this work-in-action. Write for the Future has proven that what they say, they do. Write for the Future is a testament to itself. … Now my son can analyze things, he can write things; there are not words to express the things he has done since he has been working with Write for the Future. ..I would recommend Write for the Future offers to anyone. You are investing in your child’s future,… and you will see the outcome of the product. Write for the Future has done wonders for my son. On Sundays, he always looks forward to his session…. I think it’s amazing.”

Lynn King
Mother of Cameron King
Class of 2016, Elisabeth Irwin High School
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College Admissions Essay Workshop

“The workshop helped me to feel comfortable writing about myself and to work through my ideas to see what would work. It proved to be a crucial way for me to figure out what was most important to me and how to express that to the colleges I was applying to in the most articulate way. I highly recommend it as learning experience.”

Sophia Toles
Class of 2012, Friends Academy
Class of 2016, Princeton University

“In the fall, I will be attending Harvard, and the Write for the Future workshop was definitely instrumental in helping me position myself to reach that goal. The guidance I received during the workshop helped me develop my skills in writing in a variety of ways, from structuring great outlines to crafting dynamic narratives. I have benefited from the workshop not only in the college process, but in the classroom and beyond. “

Jason Bell Rose
2015 Martha’s Vineyard Workshop Attendee
Class of 2016, Choate Rosemary Hall
Class of 2020, Harvard University

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