College Admissions Essay Workshop Testimonials

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“You are to be congratulated for fine-tuning your workshops and training sessions to the needs of each student. My boys approached the college process very differently and you were able to appeal to them individually and successfully. Jordan is thriving at Trinity College and Brody is thoroughly enjoying George Washington University, Different kids, different schools, mutual success! Thanks for your hard work, dedication and commitment to enhancing the opportunities for young people – and their parents to transition to a wonderful new phase of family life.”

– Vickee Jordan Adams
Mother of Brody and Jordan
George Washington University
Trinity College

Trinity College  George Washington

“The Ambience was perfect. Students were busily working on their assignments in a beautiful and tranquil environment free of distraction—perfect for inspiration and creativity. Prior to the workshop, Lance did not like writing and his work reflected his aversion. However, Lance was completely engaged in the workshop and in fact did not want to stop working when I came to pick him up!”

– Tanya Lewis
Mother of Lance Garrett, Martha’s Vineyard Workshop Student
Accepted to Coast Guard Academy
To read Lance’s essay, click here.

US Coast Guard

“It was a pleasure to have our son in such good hands, as he took some summer time to write a college application essay that was rich, thoughtful, and reflected his character very well. David’s able encouragement helped him write movingly, in his own voice. And it worked—he’s been accepted by every college he applied to!”

– Peter Pease
Father of Chris Pease, Martha’s Vineyard Workshop Student