Expository and Creative Writing Testimonials Grades 5-11

“When Cameron came to Write for the Future, he was at the bottom of his class in writing and literature. In about 26 sessions, he has gone from a bottom to an A. It is so exhilarating to see this work-in-action. Write for the Future has proven that what they say, they do. Write for the Future is a testament to itself. … Now my son can analyze things, he can write things; there are not words to express the things he has done since he has been working with Write for the Future. ..I would recommend Write for the Future offers to anyone. You are investing in your child’s future,… and you will see the outcome of the product. Write for the Future has done wonders for my son. On Sundays, he always looks forward to his session…. I think it’s amazing.”

– Lynn King
Mother of Cameron

“Our son, Jackson, has grown tremendously as a writer largely because of his participation in Write for the Future’s Creative and Expository Writing program. We started the 24 session program last year and have renewed enrollment of a second round of 24 sessions, His interests and skills in writing substantially improved. In fact, English has become his strongest subject this year. It is also his favorite. David spends a great deal of time selecting and supervising the coaches who work with Jackson. We highly recommend the program.”

– Tonya Lewis Lee
Mother of Jackson

“This is the second year our 14 year old daughter has participated in the Write for the Future program and as she states, ‘I have become a better writer because of how I’m taught through the program to be creative, add details and edit all at the same time.’ We noticed the improvement in just a few weeks and it has only gotten better as she feels more confident and comfortable about writing! Write for the Future will enhance the writing skills of those that take advantage of this creative writing program.”

– Paula and Carl Magnus
Parents of Carla

“I enthusiastically recommend WFTF for any parent seeking highly individualized additional writing support for their child. This is my son’s second year in the program. He enjoys working with the coaches and the quality of his writing shows it. His writing has improved in terms of organization and use of language. These skills have given him more confidence as a student. As a parent I love the flexibility. You can have the sessions at your home or they can meet your child at a location convenient to you.”

– Gayle R.
Mother of William

“I became involved with Write for the Future when I realized that my 12 year old son was struggling with essay writing in middle school. He struggled with transferring his thoughts into words and his frustrations and delays inevitably led to parent-child conflict. Write for the Future helped my son to develop stategies to focus his ideas and develop them into comprehensive essays. As a result, my son is able to sit down and independently generate his work and his confidence has improved. His English teacher has even asked him to help explain to the class how to write an effective introductory paragraph!”

– Barbara N.
Mother of Andy